Jessica Glenn, CNA, NCMA , NCPT, BLS Instructor 

In 2010 I decided I wanted a career that would reflect who I am as a person and something that would help improve mankind. I decided that pursuing  a career in the medical field would be the best way to contribute to helping improving someone's quality of life. I explored my different options and took into consideration my current financial situation at that time and decided that Medical Assisting would be a great fit for me. I enrolled in school and in November 2011 I completed my externship, passed my NCCT exam, and graduated.  

As a NCMA (National Certified Medical Assistant) I not only went to school to obtain my Diploma in Medical Assisting, but I also sat for a test to become nationally certified in accordance with NCCT standards I'm also a NCPT (Nationally Certified Phlebotomy Technician . Every year I'm required to complete 14 continuing education credits each to stay current and active with my certifications. I have worked with a diverse group of patients from different demographics and all walks of life. My goal is to provide quality care to patients by assisting a physician/ physician in their practice by alleviating some of the everyday stresses or obstacles such as triage, setting up for procedures, writing/sending prescriptions and performing other duties along with acting as a liaison between physician and patient. I adhere to HIPAA, OSHA, and CLIA standards and I make sure I stay current on the most recent changes to those standards. I'm dedicated, driven, compassionate, consistent and efficient. I provide quality medical assisting services and I pride myself in loving what I do.

My first job as a medical assistant was at Primary Care Center this was also the place I did my externship at,they liked me so much they offered me a full time position once my externship with them was completed. Although they were primary care they also acted as urgent care because their hours were extended to 9 pm and they provided urgent care services.  There I worked 4 days on and 3 days off 9 am to 9 pm. 

Since that time I have worked in a number of different practices with different specialties such as OB/GYN, Rheumatology, Primary Care, Weight Loss, Urgent Care and Holistic and Integrative Medicine. I later went on to become a CNA, NCPT, and a B LS instructor.   Not only do I have 7 years experience as a medical assistant but I also have over 10 years of experience in customer service and managerial duties.

 I am currently available for PRN work, temporary, or long term contract work in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia.  

Skills, Qualifications, and Experience 

Ear Lavage, EKG, Snellen Visual Charts, Venipuncture, Audiograms, Injections, Capillary Test, Vital Signs, Triage, Spirometry, Urine Analysis, Aseptic Technique, Assisting in Minor Surgical Procedure, Surgical Tray Setup, Packing instruments for Autoclaving, Pap Smear Setup, Colposcopy Setup, XRay, Knee and Hip Injection Setup, IUD insertion Setup, Prolia Injection, Prescription preparation, Electronic Prescription Submission, Suture Removal, Order Preparation, Specimen Preparation, EMR, Medical Record Charting and Filing, Type 60 wpm, Inventory Stocking and Ordering, Opening and Closing Practice, entering orders in EMR , complete standing orders, phlebotomy,  certified BLS instructor through American Heart Association.